Growth Point Capital provides sophisticated investors with opportunities for private mortgage investments.

Our Private Lending team has a constant flow of clients seeking finance from private lenders, mostly for property projects that require a quick turnaround for finance. Our role is to pair our investors with these clients for the benefit of both parties.

Investment opportunities will generally be either a First or Second Mortgage, both offering attractive returns to investors. 

Prior to presenting investment opportunities to our investors, our Commercial Analysts undertake extensive due diligence and prepare a thorough Funding Proposal outlining the associated terms, risks and returns for consideration.  
Security by way of personal or corporate guarantees and / or mortgages over the property is provided on each opportunity to give our investors peace of mind.

The Investment Journey

  1. Growth Point Capital prepare a Funding Proposal for review by investors
  2. Investors review the Proposal and if interested, accept the opportunity and confirm their level of investment
  3. Growth Point Capital prepare an investor agreement and manage the legal and accounting side of the investment
  4. Investors are paid their designated return within the agreed timeframe and opt to either have their capital returned or to reinvest it into a new investment opportunity

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To find out more about Private Lending, read our news article.


Investment opportunities are managed by Growth Point Capital’s funds management arm, Growth Point Capital Private Mortgages ACN 664 429 261. The information contained on this website does not take into account a recipient’s objectives, financial circumstances or needs. Investment is limited to ‘Sophisticated Investors’ who must formally register with Growth Point Capital and Growth Point Capital Private Mortgages. Growth Point Capital and Growth Point Capital Private Mortgages is licensed to provide only general financial product advice and is not a financial advisor.