Mining Equipment Finance


 Why Growth Point Capital for your mining equipment loans?

Our goal is to understand the needs & objectives of businesses in collaboration with what Lender’s require. We have built strong relationships with specialist lenders who know the mining industry.

They offer unmatched experience and high-quality finance solutions to help facilitate your expansion needs.

  • Flexible funding – Loans and leases that suit your business. Choose from a range of options that increase value
  • Competitive rates – We do the hard yards to secure the most competitive rates in mining finance so you can drive your dollar further.
  • Ongoing Support- Your finance broker is on call to help you with all your mining equipment financed questions and requirements.


Flexible finance tailored for mining

There are many challenges facing miners. From managing cash flow through to the financing costs of building a business. Growth Point Capital understands that miners need to stay on track with minimal disruption to operations so we offer flexible terms tailored for your specific needs.

  • Trucks and trailers
  • Earth Moving Yellow Goods
  • Car/Fleet
  • Medical
  • Crane & Material Handling
  • IT Equipment
  • Aircraft/Helicopters
  • Manufacturing Equipment


 Competitive finance for mining equipment

Mines run on their equipment. From mine-spec trolleys to prime movers and plant, a mining operation’s success requires competitive finance solutions. Not just on rate alone but financing that works with you to achieve the growth your company is working hard to achieve.

Ongoing Support 

We view finance broking more than a singular event. We understand the industry and business and work with you to provide valued solutions to accommodate all forms of growth and expansion.


CASE STUDY – More than Finance

We’ve been working with a major client for a few years who has been operating successfully in the civil construction industry who mentioned they were thinking about getting into Quarry equipment services.

Through our network, we were able to connect him with another client that was looking for someone to come in and take over the day-to-day operations of an underperforming site.  We worked with both clients to get an understanding of the business and where the opportunities for improvement were.

We conducted an analysis of the utilisation of their existing fleet of equipment and determined some equipment should be sold but other equipment purchased to get ensure the best ROI.

We identified there were existing funding limits in place with the major banks. We worked to have these limits increased to accommodate the new purchases.  We were able to show the banks the improved performance of the existing business as well as cash-flow forecasts based around existing contracts and the planned improvements for the Quarry business to demonstrate the client had the capacity to service the commitments.

We worked with the client and two major banks combined with other non-bank lenders to implement a full funding strategy which resulted in over $6.m in lending across more than 25 assets.



What type of mining equipment does GPC finance?

From Prime Movers, mine-spec trucks, excavators, screening and crushing equipment, trolleys and other specialists equipment.

My business needs more than one piece of equipment. Can I purchase multiple pieces of equipment?

Yes, we can tailor a package that suits your business needs and operations.

Can I borrow money against my owned equipment?

Using equity against equipment you own is a good way to raise cash for things that are harder and more expensive to finance for example needing working capital to scale in terms of staff or a new office, or pay suppliers.

As an example if you have 30year old unencumbered equipment this may be used to raise capital. speak to our brokers.

Do I need a deposit?

Not in all situations. Dependent on some factors there could be a solution with no deposit required

Can I purchase used mining equipment?

Yes, we can find you a finance solution for both new and used mining equipment.

Is there an age limit on the equipment I can buy?

Generally, Lenders cap the age at around 15 years at the end of the finance term. However some specialist lenders may finance any age mining equipment provided a written valuation is available.

What if my credit isn’t great?

Subject to some conditions we may be able to find a competitive solution for you – our Brokers can explain this